Welcome to Wet Plate Supplies.

Our aim is to provide a complete resource of chemistry and equipment for both Wet Plate Collodion photography and a number of other popular alternative photographic processes.

We offer a range of startup kits, premixed collodions, fixers and other chemistry, also a range of other essential supplies such as tintype plates, glass and other substrates.

We will be continuing to add new products all the time so check back often, also if there's a product you're looking for that we don't stock then please let us know and we'll endeavour to add this to the site.

Wet Plate Supplies is closing.

15th November 2021 - Today I am announcing the very sad news in that wetplatesupplies.com will be closing its doors. The past year has seen a marked decline in sales due to the Covid pandemic and as such I’ve had to go and find myself other employment to make ends meet. This linked with supply issues and huge delays from our suppliers has meant that I’ve had to make the difficult decision to put more focus into the other side of my chemical business and my ‘day job’.

We realise that for you, as a user of our chemistry, it may make it more difficult to get hold of your supplies from now on, but if anyone out there is interested in investing and taking on wetplatesupplies.com as a going concern then please contact me as soon as possible.

I will be reducing prices on the website in steps until all stock is sold off, we will not be getting new stock in so if you’re after something then please get it at the earliest convenient time as many of the items we sell may not be available easily from any other suppliers. I will also be listing some more items as I find them when sorting through our stock so, please keep an eye on the website and on our Facebook page where I will update as often as I can. If there is sufficient demand, I may take pre orders for aluminium plates and silver nitrate for delivery once everything else is sold off as I realise that these items may be on your shopping lists.

It's been amazing to meet and chat to so many of you over the years and I hope to start actually shooting some more wet plates myself in the future.

Kevin Lunham