Wet plate developers

In this section you will find our range of developers for wetplate collodion, the developers listed are sold in concentrated form and should be diluted with equal parts of water prior to use. Our special manufacturing and bottling process ensures that the developer lasts as long as possible in it's concentrated form.

If there's another developer mix that you prefer then we can probably offer this to you too if you let us know what you need, alternatively you can purchase most, if not all of the ingredients to make your own from our 'Raw chemicals' section

  1. Wetplate developer - Positive (WD-1)

    Wetplate developer - Positive (WD-1)

    Starting at £5.99

    Developer formulated for wet plate collodion positives.

    Learn More
  2. Wetplate developer - Negative (WD-2)

    Wetplate developer - Negative (WD-2)

    Starting at £5.99

    Developer formulated for wet plate collodion negatives.

    Learn More
  3. Shot glass - 35ml

    Shot glass - 35ml


    Shot glass, 35ml capacity. Ideal for throwing developer across plates when processing. Real glass, not plastic. Learn More
  4. Wetplate developer - Intense Positive (WD-3)

    Wetplate developer - Intense Positive (WD-3)

    Starting at £7.99

    Developer formulated for wet plate collodion positives.

    Developer is supplied ready to use Learn More
  5. Wetplate developer - Multipurpose (WD-4)

    Wetplate developer - Multipurpose (WD-4)

    Starting at £7.99

    Developer formulated for wet plate collodion positives and negatives.

    Developer is supplied ready to use,development time: 45 seconds @ 20c

    This is one of our favourite developers, very resistant to fogging and gives fantastic midtone detail. It is something we have been working on for quite a long time. Unlike most other developers it does not contain any ethanol so it is recommended for use only with established silver baths as the small amounts of ethanol present in there will aid spreading. This product has a longer shelf life than standard developer formulations. Learn More
  6. Dryplate developer kit

    Dryplate developer kit


    Developer formulated for wet plate collodion positives.

    This is a kit of chemicals which can be used to preserve and develop dry plate collodion images. Standard collodion (positive or negative) is pored on the plate and sensitised as normal. The plate is then placed in the included preservative solution for a few minutes and left to dry (without washing) The plate can then be shot and processed in the included developing solution. Instructions are provided.

    The kit contains 500ml of preservative solution, 120ml of developer concentrate (60ml each of parts A & B) and a syringe and pipette for measuring the developer. Learn More
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