Plates and substrates

In this section you will find our range of aluminium plate for creating tintypes, and our range of glass sheets for creating ambrotypes.

Whilst it may be possible to ship some of the smaller sizes of glass sheet this would need to be entirely at your own risk, our couriers will not cover any breakages for glass so the risk is down to you. We don't normally offer to cut the glass smaller, though we can sell you a glass cutter, cutting glass is very easy to do once you've practiced a little.

With regards to the aluminium sheet we can cut this to size for you if required for a nominal charge, if you're interested in this service then please use the contact us form in the footer and let us know your requirements.

  1. Black aluminium

    Black aluminium

    Starting at £0.55

    Glossy Black aluminium sheet or 'Trophy Aluminium'

    Perfect for producing tintypes

    Minimum order is 10 sheets per size

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  2. Albumen powder - 200g

    Albumen powder - 200g


    200g of Egg Albumen powder. This can be used for Albumen printing and for subbing glass prior to coating with collodion for the Wet and Dry Collodion processes.

    4.8g of Albumen powder is roughly equivalent to one large egg white. Diluting this amount with 35ml of water will give you the equivalent of one egg white.

    Our 200g pack is equivalent to 42 large egg whites.

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  3. 2mm Glass sheet

    2mm Glass sheet

    Starting at £7.99

    Out of stock

    2mm thick Glass sheet for producing ambrotypes/negatives in a variety of sizes

    Glass thickness should be fine with most old book form darkslides

    These can be shipped at your own risk, our couriers will not cover breakages and therefore neither can we, large sizes are very heavy and we recommend not shipping these at all. We do not ship glass overseas.

    Larger sizes are for collection only, please contact us to order. Learn More
  4. Black acrylic - 5x4" - pack of 12

    Black acrylic - 5x4" - pack of 12


    Out of stock

    Black cast acrylic - 5x4" - pack of 12

    Thickness 3mm (make sure this fits your holder!), protective plastic coating on both sides

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  5. Toyo TC17 oil filled glass cutter

    Toyo TC17 oil filled glass cutter


    One of the most renowned glass cutters on the market, great cutting action with supersharp blade and tactile feel on the cutter head.

    Brass body which can be filled with oil.

    Comes with a small bottle of cutting oil Learn More
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