PermaJet has been in the digital imaging arena since 1999 and has been delivering inkjet papers for as long as Online Paper has been selling online. The business is based in the west midlands and has been part of our catalogue for many years.

We sell and recommend PermaJet because they offer the widest? range of high quality inkjet media and photo paper in the UK - 32 different products in all! They do literally cover every finish you may need - Gloss, Oyster, Matt, Canvas and a choice of Fine Art Papers. PermaJet's art papers vary from smooth to textured surfaces as well as various weights from 210gsm upwards and all their materials are available in cut sheets A4 to A2 and rolls 13" to 60" widths and up to 30 metres in length.

The Digital Fibre Based paper range that PermaJet have developed they say are suited to the darkroom printer making a transition to Inkjet Printing and wishing to retain or create a look and feel of a traditional silver based image. Why not try these and the other PermaJet surfaces for yourself in our Test Pack. Available in Gloss, Matt and Warmtone, with the Glazed High Gloss version also.

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  1. Permajet FB Gold Silk 315

    Permajet FB Gold Silk 315

    Starting at £11.95

    PermaJet FB Gold Silk is a baryta paper and has a sumptuous silk /satin finish on a fine art heavyweight base of 315gsm.

    This inkjet paper has been developed with a natural, warm base tint to emulate the surface finish, texture and coating of traditional darkroom baryta/fibre based papers, making it the perfect choice for the serious monochrome worker.

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  2. Permajet Gloss Instant Dry 271

    Permajet Gloss Instant Dry 271

    Starting at £13.79

    A high gloss media of 271gsm with a photographic feel and finish.

    This is an instant dry resin coated paper finished with a UV protected microporous supercoat giving it a high degree of water and fade resistance. Learn More
  3. Permajet MattPlus 240

    Permajet MattPlus 240

    Starting at £10.10

    A clean, white, smooth matt paper with ultra image sharpness and a really smooth surface. At 240gsm, the extra weight gives this paper a soft, sumptuous feel and appearance as well as deep and crisp colours. Learn More
  4. Permajet Museum Heritage 310

    Permajet Museum Heritage 310

    Starting at £26.75

    Permajets most popular textured fine art paper in the UK...

    An outstanding textured fine art paper displaying a lovely rough weave with random undulations. Learn More
  5. Permajet Oyster 271

    Permajet Oyster 271

    Starting at £13.79

    PermaJet Oyster has a subtle pearl/lustre finish with a heavy base weight of 271gsm giving it a true photographic paper texture and finish.

    Manufactured to be the whitest Oyster/Pearl surfaced paper on the market, this tough, instant dry, resin coated paper is finished with a UV protective, microporous supercoat giving it a high degree of water and fade resistance.

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  6. Permajet Photo Art Silk 290

    Permajet Photo Art Silk 290

    Starting at £14.75

    A really special, 290gsm, acid-free smooth art paper with a totally unique ink receiving layer that exhibits a silk/semi-gloss sheen once printed on.

    A luxurious, smooth silk finish inkjet paper which defines the high quality of the PermaJet fine art range. With a hefty base weight of 290gsm, this acid-free media only reveals its magical and undetectable silk coating once the image is printed. Every image bursts forth with a subtle, and yet, vibrant silk sheen in the printed areas. A perfect media for colour work with subject matter containing reflective or mirrored surfaces such as water or glass where a shimmering effect is required. Learn More
  7. Permajet Portrait Rag 285

    Permajet Portrait Rag 285

    Starting at £13.79

    A 100% cotton rag paper with a classically smooth matt finish and a highly calendered surface.

    Its 285gsm, acid-free base is perfect for archival standard fine art photography reproductions or high key portraiture.

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  8. Permajet Smooth Pearl 280

    Permajet Smooth Pearl 280

    Starting at £15.95

    This inkjet paper has been developed with a warm base tint and lustrous texture and finish making it appealing for many daily printing requirements. Learn More
  9. Permajet Test Pack 2 - FB Baryta A4 15 Sheets

    Permajet Test Pack 2 - FB Baryta A4 15 Sheets


    The new Fibre Based Baryta range comprises three newly enhanced products, which join the classic FB Gold Silk 315gsm and FB Matt 285gsm. Utilizing new, multi-layer technology, coating processes and enhanced alpha cellulose base materials, PermaJet have created a range of lay flat Baryta products that feed through your printers with ease. The enhanced coating, combined with modern ink technology ensures you get some of the highest Dmax ratings in the World today. These iconic photographic papers have evolved into a truly show stopping collection which are now available in advanced 15 metre length rolls and all sheet formats.

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  10. Permajet Test Pack 3 - Fine Art A4 18 Sheets

    Permajet Test Pack 3 - Fine Art A4 18 Sheets


    Your chance to try the PermaJet Fine Art Media range today!

    Delve into the world of fine art printing with some of the best smooth and textured surface inkjet papers available. Using inkjet media with luxurious smooth finishes or clear defined textures can add a whole new dimension to your printed images. Learn More
Items 1 to 10 of 11 total
Permajet - Wet Plate Supplies is a UK based store selling a range of supplies for alternative photographic processes, namely Wetplate collodion, Cyanotype, Gum bichromate, Kallitype, Van dyke and Pt/Pd. They also offer training and studio facilities for both wetplate and other alternative processes.