Van Dyke

  1. Sodium thiosulphate (hypo) crystals

    Sodium thiosulphate (hypo) crystals

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    Sodium thiosulphate (hypo) crystals Learn More
  2. Tartaric acid - 100g

    Tartaric acid - 100g

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    Tartaric acid - 100g Learn More
  3. Tween 20

    Tween 20

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    Tween 20 (60% solution) - 50ml Learn More
  4. Van dyke sensitiser - 100ml

    Van dyke sensitiser - 100ml

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    100ml of premixed Van Dyke sensitiser, enough to coat around 50 8x10" prints This mix will last 12 months if stored in a cold place (ideally a refrigirator, but not one used for food!) Learn More
Van Dyke - Wet Plate Supplies is a UK based store selling a range of supplies for alternative photographic processes, namely Wetplate collodion, Cyanotype, Gum bichromate, Kallitype, Van dyke and Pt/Pd. They also offer training and studio facilities for both wetplate and other alternative processes.